Development maps

Development maps show you the existing, planned and proposed projects for the area. They also show the existing traffic and pedestrian walkways.

If we want to make changes as part of our local planning policies, we check the development maps to see what needs to be considered.

View our development maps

You can view the development maps for:

  • Rochdale Town Centre
  • Middleton Town Centre
  • Castleton
  • Rochdale Station Gateway

View developments maps for Rochdale borough

Rochdale Town Centre development map

Since the completion of the Rochdale Sixth Form College in 2010, the town centre and some of its surrounding areas have undergone significant changes.

The purpose of this map is to bring together the existing, planned and proposed project, together with the associated vehicular and pedestrian movement changes across the town centre.

Middleton Town Centre development map

This map highlights the key sites for new development, the improvements to the public realm and the Middleton and Edgar Wood Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Specific schemes within the map include: 

  • Middleton Arena,
  • Large Tesco Supermarket
  • Works within Middleton Gardens
  • The relocation of the market
  • The Townscape Heritage Initiative boundary

Castleton development map

Many of the former industrial sites which lie adjacent to Castleton Town Centre are being redeveloped to provide new family homes.

These residential developments will complement the planned public realm improvements adjacent to Castleton Train Station and improve the town centres vitality and vitality.

Extending through the town centre is the Rochdale Canal and Castleton Conservation Area has been recently extended to the east and north-west to include areas that have a distinctive character worth of preservation.

Rochdale Station Gateway development map

The area around the train station is changing considerably with the recent introduction of the Metrolink which offers visitors and residents easy access to the town centre as well as Kingsway Business Park and Manchester City Centre.

Within the area lies Rochdale Fire Station which is a refined landmark building lying opposite St John’s R.C. Church. The pair sit on each side of a short boulevard (Maclure Road) and create a formal entrance to Rochdale from the train station.

In recent times, the area has benefitted from private investment with various shops and services openings. As part of the Northern Hub proposals, the Train Station will be upgraded to allow faster and more frequent trains to operate