Problems with your landlord or rented property

We have a legal obligation to protect tenants from inappropriate and illegal behaviour by landlords.

We'll work with you to see that necessary repairs are completed within a reasonable time and the property is fit to live in.

Problems we can help with

We can help you with:

  • Repairs your landlord has failed to carry out. For example, if you've reported a problem your landlord should make the repair within a reasonable time.
  • Damp, mould or condensation.
  • Communicating with your landlord. For example, if your landlord fails to respond to your phone calls.
  • Harassment and illegal eviction.
  • Security deposit or bond. For example, where a landlord refuses to return the payment you've made.

Complain to us

Please use the form to tell us about problems you're having with your landlord or property.

Then we will:

  1. Contact you to take further details regarding your concern or problems, and issue you with the relevant advice.
  2. Speak to your landlord to inform them of the necessary work to make your home fit to live in.
  3. Agree on a reasonable timescale with your landlord for the repairs to be undertaken.
  4. Monitor your landlord's progress and take further action if the response is inadequate.
  5. If necessary, take legal action against your landlord to ensure the repairs are undertaken.
  6. Keep you informed throughout the process.

Complain about a property or landlord