Secondary school home learning resources

How to support young people with home learning

Fronted adverbials? Algebraic equations? Biomes? There’s bound to be something your child asks for help with that you're unfamiliar with.

First thing first, don’t panic. It’s ok for them to realise that you don’t have the answer to everything. It’s the perfect time for you to model what to do when you get stuck.

You can talk with them about different ways to get support, such as:

  • Asking school - perhaps the most efficient method
  • Ringing a friend
  • Checking reliable online sites
  • Reading around the topic
  • Asking another member of the family
  • Looking back at past work – there might be some helpful notes

It might be that your child will have to wait for an answer. You can reassure them that it’s ok if together you can't solve the problem immediately. You can also encourage them to attempt other work that has been set while they wait.