Emergency dental treatment

Teeth that have fallen out

There are things you can do if you've had your tooth knocked out:

  • If your tooth is in one piece, it may be possible to save it. Only hold the tooth by the crown - the part you see in your mouth - and do not touch the root.
  • If you feel confident, gently rinse the tooth in cool water but do not scrub it. Then place it back in the socket in your mouth and seek advice from your dentist.
  • Alternatively place the tooth in milk, contact lens solution or normal saline and seek dental advice as soon as possible.
  • If your tooth was knocked out playing sports, ask your dentist about custom-made sports mouthguards to minimise the risk of sports injuries.
  • Get in touch with your dentist or call the NHS Greater Manchester Urgent Dental Care Service using the details on this page.