Pilsworth South Landfill Site

We're aware of concerns raised by residents about strong odours coming from the Pilsworth South Landfill Site, which have been increasing since November 2023.

The site regulator, the Environment Agency, is already aware of the issue and is working with the site operator, Valencia Waste Management Limited, to investigate the cause and put solutions in place. As part of this work, the operator has drilled additional wells to capture landfill gas from decomposing waste, which was causing the odours. They've also taken further steps to better capture and control landfill gas, including capping over 50,000 square metres of exposed waste. The plastic sheeting used for this capping was damaged due to 2 named storms, Isha and Jocelyn, and repairs were hampered by the lack of suitably dry weather conditions needed to weld together the plastic sheeting.

The Environment Agency is making sure the repairs are carried out by the site operator, and has increased monitoring at the site. The agency has planned regular visits to the site and surrounding area to monitor odours in the area.

Latest update

Since January 2024, the Environment Agency has taken the following actions:

  • Carried out several proactive and reactive odour checks where odour pollution has been detected in the area that is believed to be coming from the site.
  • Inspected the site following the named storms Isha and Jocelyn to assess any potential damage to the temporary capping. At this point the presence of damage to the capping was confirmed.
  • Followed up inspections to assess the repairs being undertaken on the torn plastic sheeting capping the waste.
  • Begun reviewing a number of the operator’s internal procedures to assess whether they require any improvements in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of the permit.

How to report strong odours coming from the site

Please report any incidents of strong odour directly to the Environment Agency to help them keep up to date information about the site.

  • Call the 24-hour Environment Agency Incident Hotline on 0800 807 060.

Latest updates from the Environment Agency

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More ways to contact the Environment Agency

If you need any other information about the site, please contact the Environment Agency directly. You'll find contact details towards the bottom of their page.