Environmental permits

How to apply

You need to apply either to us or the Environment Agency, depending on whether you need a Part A1 Permit or Part A2 or B Permit.

Part A1 applications

You'll need to apply to the Environment Agency for a Part A1 environmental permit. 

How to apply for a Part A1 permit on GOV.UK

Part A2 and Part B applications

To apply for a Part A2 or Part B environmental permit:

  1. Contact us using the details on this page. 
  2. We'll discuss the activities you carry out and send you the most relevant application form for your business.
  3. Complete and return your application form to us.
  4. We aim to make a decision on your application within one month.

Appeals for Part A2 and Part B permits

If your application for a permit is unsuccessful, please speak to us in the first instance. 

If you're still not happy with our decision, or you want to object to conditions imposed on your permit, you can appeal. 

You must appeal within 6 months from the date you receive your decision. You must submit your appeal to us in writing using the details on this page.