Corporate Complaints Policy

Corporate Complaints Policy

This document details our overarching policy on dealing with complaints we receive from our customers. We support the policy with good practice guidance for staff together with detailed customer information and publicity materials.

We are committed to providing consistently high quality services, and although the majority of the time our services are provided to very high standards, occasionally things do go wrong.

We welcome feedback from our customers, and complaints are a valuable source of information to help us to:

  • Improve the standard of services we deliver.
  • Put things right when they have gone wrong.
  • Learn from our mistakes.

The aim of this policy is to provide a fair, consistent and structured 3 stage process for our customers if they are dissatisfied with a service they have received. The policy will be widely publicised and accessible in a variety of formats.

Emphasis will be placed on resolving complaints as quickly as possible by the service concerned. We'll ensure our staff are equipped to deal with complaints efficiently and effectively, and lessons learnt from complaint investigations will be used to directly inform service improvements.

Complaints, compliments or comments

There are various ways you can get in touch to give us your feedback. We work hard to provide the best service for all our customers and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think.

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