Pupil Premium Plus For Cared For Children Policy

Pupil Premium Plus For Cared For Children Policy

This policy outlines how Pupil Premium Plus funding is distributed and monitored and includes:

  • Which looked after children qualify for Pupil Premium Plus
  • Amount of Pupil Premium Plus funding available for each looked after child
  • What Pupil Premium Plus funding can be used for 
  • Conditions of receiving Pupil Premium Plus
  • When the funding can be given to someone other than the child's school
  • Who's responsible for making decisions about Pupil Premium Plus

What is Pupil Premium Plus?

Looked after children in the borough have access to funding called Pupil Premium Plus to support their specific educational needs.

The Pupil Premium Plus is usually given to the looked after child's school to improve the child's educational outcomes and narrow the educational gap between looked after and non-looked after children.

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