Housing Benefit Overpayment Strategy

Housing Benefit Overpayment Strategy

An overpayment of Housing Benefit is an amount that has been paid or allowed to which there is no entitlement under the Housing Benefit regulations. Overpayments are generally created through a formal review of benefit entitlement.

In fulfilling our strategy on Housing Benefit Overpayments, we aim to provide a quality service, achieve a high level of debt collection whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of customer care. Customers are to be treated with courtesy, understanding and fairness. It is essential that we administer and recover overpayments effectively and efficiently, as this will:

  • Maximise collection and reduce loss to public funds.
  • Demonstrate the council's commitment to accuracy and adherence to regulations.
  • Help provide quality and value for money service to its customers.
  • Deter fraud and error.

How to pay back Housing Benefit overpayment

There are a number of ways you can pay back an overpayment including online or by using our automated phone payment system. You can find out more using the link on this page.

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