Transport Strategy

Transport Strategy

The Rochdale Borough Transport Strategy is a framework to guide the development of transport improvements across the borough for the period up to 2026. It identifies priority schemes and projects that are deliverable, but their timing is dependent on the availability of resources. It's a fluid document that will be used to lobby for transport improvements and support bids for transport funding and the action plan can be adjusted in line with resource availability.

The strategy was initially published in June 2010, but due to its success, key short term schemes being sought in the action plan have been constructed have a financial commitment, therefore a refreshed strategy has been published in March 2014. It brings forward an updated action plan and updated transport policies strengthening the emphasis on delivering economic growth.

The Transport Strategy aims to deliver a transport vision that: "By 2026, Rochdale Borough will have a safe, affordable, sustainable, reliable, accessible and integrated transport network that offers travel choice for all, serves its communities, tackles air quality and climate change, enhances social inclusion, public health and supports the regeneration and economic growth of the local area."

Strategic context

The strategy is critical in enabling the council and its partners to achieve its economic, social, regeneration and environmental objectives. It will primarily support, guide and be developed further through the Greater Manchester Transport Fund, future Greater Manchester Local Transport Plans and the Local Development Framework (LDF). It will also support the delivery of other corporate strategies and programmes, including the Sustainable Communities Strategy, the Borough Renaissance Masterplan and the borough's Economic Development, Infrastructure and Investment and Health Strategies. It will also contribute to the delivery of the Greater Manchester Strategy transport priorities and consider the travel impacts of building new schools and the "Healthy Futures" re-organisation of specialist hospital services across Greater Manchester. The Transport Strategy is also a key document in lobbying for further improvements to the local public transport network.

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