Highways Maintenance Inspection Policies and Manual

Highways Maintenance Inspection Policies and Manual

We're responsible for maintaining the public roads and highway structures in Rochdale borough. 

What highway maintenance inspections are

We keep the roads and highway structures in the borough safe and well-maintained by regularly inspecting their condition. Highway structures include bridges, cattle grids, tunnels, embankments and culverts.

A number of inspectors examine each street and highway structure we're responsible for in the borough to make sure they comply with our safety standards.

The main purpose of highway maintenance inspections is to maintain the highway to work for the safe and convenient movement of people and goods.

Highway maintenance inspection policies

Our inspection policies outline how we'll conduct highway maintenance inspections in the borough.

The policies include:

  • Types of inspections we'll carry out
  • How often we'll carry out inspections
  • How we'll use the results of the inspections
  • How quickly we'll repair roads and structures following an inspection

Manual for inspecting the highway

We've created a manual for the highway maintenance inspectors to help them follow the highway inspection policies. We provide each of our highway inspectors with a copy of the manual as guidance for their work. 

Our inspector's manual outlines:

  • What clothing and protective gear to wear
  • What defects to look for
  • What information to record about the inspection
  • How to record the results of the inspections
  • How to determine the risk level of any defects found during the inspection
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