Private Fostering Statement of Purpose

Private Fostering Statement of Purpose

The Private Fostering Statement of Purpose is a description of private fostering arrangements within Rochdale borough. It's separate from the Fostering Services Statement of Purpose 2008.

The statement is designed to meet the requirements of the National Minimum Standards 2005, Standard 1 and to provide a clear description and guide to the service for professionals, the public, council members and external organisations.

What is private fostering?

A private fostering arrangement is one where children under the age of 16, or 18 in the case of disabled children, are cared for and provided with accommodation in the carer's own home by a carer who is not their parent or a close relative, does not have parental responsibility for a period of 28 days or more.

In these circumstances, it's the responsibility of the parent, carer and anyone else involved in making the private fostering arrangement, to notify us of the private fostering arrangement.

Privately fostered children include:

  • Children sent from abroad to stay with another family for 28 days or more.
  • Asylum seeking and refugee children staying with non-relatives or friends for 28 days or more.
  • Teenagers who are staying with friends or 'non' relatives for 28 days or more.
  • Children on 'exchange' visits living with host families for 28 days or more.
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