Fostering Service Statement of Purpose

Fostering Service Statement of Purpose

We provide a full range of services for children in need through the Children Social Care Directorate. This includes the Fostering Service, which aims to provide the highest standard of care for Cared 4 Children. The Foster Care Service is supported by all council services and partner agencies.

This statement of purpose sets out the aims and objectives, principles and processes of the Fostering Service. It provides a range of information, which is intended for a wide audience including:

  • Rochdale Borough Council staff
  • Elected members
  • Cared 4 Children and Young People by Rochdale Borough Council
  • Foster carers and prospective foster carers
  • Friends, family and connected carers
  • Rochdale Borough Council Fostering Panel - centrally listed
  • Corporate parents
  • Rochdale Children’s Trust and partner agencies
  • North West Local Authority Fostering Services

How to become a foster parent

Our dedicated fostering team will guide you through the process.

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Friday, 20 January 2023
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