The borough of Rochdale enjoys many scenic cycle routes for both commuting and leisure.

​Cycling is great way to stay healthy and it's good for the environment too. Find more tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

Where you can cycle in the borough

We support cycling by providing cycle lanes across the borough of Rochdale.

Cycle clubs and training courses

There are local cycling clubs and courses you can join to learn how to ride and maintain your bike.

Borrow bike for free

You can borrow bike for free from the bike library in Kirkholt, Rochdale. The bike library is at 45 Mornington Road, Kirkholt, Rochdale OL11 2DJ.

You can find out more about the bike library, as well as other cycling groups and facilities in Greater Manchester, on the It's Your Move website.

Mountain biking

You can try mountain biking at Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre.

They run several sessions throughout the year for both adults and children.

Off-road biking

Are you thinking of buying quad bike, mini motorbike or go-ped for your child to ride off-road?

Don't - there is nowhere legal to ride them within the borough of Rochdale.

  • It's illegal to ride off-road vehicles such as quads, scramblers, mini-motos and go-peds on any public space in the borough of Rochdale. This includes parks, pavements, waste grounds or parkways.
  • If your child rides an off-road bike, they'll be breaking the law. There's also risk of hefty fine, Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), Community Protection Notice (CPN) or breach of tenancy.
  • Bikes need to be specially built to ride on the road. The rider needs to be over 16 and have registration documents, MOT, road tax, insurance, licence and an approved crash helmet - just like real motorbike.
  • Riders risk serious injury, even death, to themselves and pedestrians.

Report an off-road biker

You can report an off-road biker to:

  • The police - ring 101
  • Crimestoppers - anonymously ring 0800 555 111

It would be good if you knew the name and address of the rider, what clothing they were wearing, and the type of off-road bike they were riding, such as quad bike, scrambler, mini-moto or go-ped.