Protecting your property

Mark your property

You can mark your property with UV pens or SmartWater.

UV pens

We advise you to register and property mark all your valuables with a UV pen to include your postcode and house number or the first 2 letters of your house name so that they can be returned if lost or stolen.

Register your valuables on, a national database that police can access and compare against items that have been found or recovered from suspected criminals. The online service is totally free and is quick and easy to use.

Immobilise - The UK national property register


This is a unique spray being used to mark people’s property with an invisible solution that contains a unique identification number.

It allows police officers to identify stolen items and return them to their rightful owners. Anyone arrested will be scanned under ultraviolet light to check for traces of the solution. 

SmartWater zones are marked with street signs to warn off burglars and include Kirkholt, Belfield and Waithlands where homes have had their property marked with the solution.​