Protecting your property

Get alleygates

Alleygating is a very simple crime reduction measure that can successfully reduce burglaries, antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping.

They are lockable steel gates that can be installed at the end of back alleyways and passages.

Apply for an alley gate

To apply for an alley gate:

  1. We'll need to assess your street.
  2. If you're eligible, we'll help you with the application process.

Email to start the application process

Benefits of alley gates

Where installed crimes like burglary, theft and criminal damage have been reduced. Even better, a significant number of residents say they feel safer.

As well as reducing burglaries, there are other advantages like:

  • Reduced fear of crime
  • Reduction in malicious fires
  • Safer play areas for your children
  • Reduced opportunities for fly-tipping and littering
  • Reduced opportunities for youths to cause annoyance – this could mean anything from drinking in the alleys to taking drugs, and illegal off road biking.
  • Fewer problems with stray dogs
  • Improved community spirit, and a sense of ownership of the alleys
  • Reduced opportunities for fly-tipping and littering