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Public Realm Inspectors and Town Centre Enforcement Wardens patrol streets across the borough to ensure they're as clean, safe and tidy as possible. Warden do not have targets to achieve and they're employed directly by us.

The team mostly enforce environmental and antisocial behaviour legislation such as littering, dog fouling and graffiti. They refer any other matters they notice such as highways issues, street furniture issues and any other issues which negatively affects the environment to the relevant council department or partner agency.

Cameras worn by wardens

We've introduced cameras to help prevent and detect crime and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders. Authorised use of body cameras also extends to any organisation undertaking enforcement on our behalf.

Recorded footage will not be shared with any third parties unless the council is legally permitted under the Data Protection Act 1998. We store the images securely. To comply with the Data Protection Act, the footage is kept for 31 days unless the footage needs to be used for evidence.

You can request to view the footage by raising a 'Subject Access Request'. To protect the identity of other people caught up in the footage their images will be distorted. 

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