Fly-posting is the term used for the unauthorised display of advertisements on street furniture including benches, post boxes, phone boxes, street lights, traffic signs, bus stops and memorials.

Fly-posting is unsightly and is now considered to be a contributing factor to urban decay. It may also cause a visual obstruction to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Report fly-posting

We take fly-posting seriously and aim to remove it and pass the costs of the removal on to the advertisers.

This unlawful advertising is an offence and we'll issue a £75 fixed penalty notice to all offenders.

Report fly-posting

​​What you can and cannot report

You can tell us about:

  • Fly-posting that's racist, offensive, obscene or politically motivated. You should also report this to the police.
  • Fly-posting in any public areas, such as on benches, post boxes, street lights, traffic signs and memorials.
  • An accumulation of fly-posting in an area.
  • One instance of fly-posting if you've evidence of the offender.

You cannot tell us about fly-posting on private buildings or land. If someone has fly-posted on your property, you can report this to the police.