Notice of key decisions

A decision of the Cabinet, a Portfolio Holder, a Township Committee or a Chief Officer acting in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, is a key decision if it falls within one or more of the following categories:

  • It involves capital expenditure that is estimated to exceed £500,000 or is not provided for within the budget.
  • It involves a significant reduction in or significant change to a service or facility provided by the council, such reduction or change not being within the policy or budget framework.
  • It consists of the declaration of land or property, the estimated value of which exceeds £500,000 as a surplus to the council’s requirements.
  • It involves securing approval in principle to the acquisition or disposal of land or property, the value of which is estimated to exceed £500,000.
  • It involves securing approval in principle to the taking of, or the granting, renewal, assignment, transfer, surrender, taking of surrenders, variation or termination of any leases, licences, easements or wayleaves, at considerations in excess of £10,000 per annum or a premium of £100,000.
  • Its consequences are likely to result in compulsory redundancies or major changes to the terms and conditions of employment of a significant number of council employees.

Copies of public reports are available on request from Committee Services, and all council meetings are open to the public unless a confidential matter is being discussed. For more details, please contact Committee Services.

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