What your Council Tax pays for

If you're unhappy

You're legally obliged to pay your Council Tax even if you're unhappy with some or all of the services provided by us.

Council Tax isn’t a payment for individual services - it's a tax on the occupation or ownership of property and only partly funds council services. The majority of what we spend is funded by business rates and government grants. In order to be able to provide local services such as schools, care for the elderly, and road maintenance, it's vital that Council Tax is paid by all residents who are liable for it.

If you're unhappy with any of the services provided you can complain by getting in touch with us. While the frustration caused by a lack of refuse collection, gritting of minor roads or any other service is understandable, you cannot legally withhold payment of Council Tax or claim a refund for these reasons. If you don't pay, we'll take action to recover the payments.