Repatriation of a body to England and Wales

When the body of the deceased arrives back in England or Wales the Fune​ral Director who is dealing must report the death to the Coroner in whose jurisdiction the body is lying. The Coroner will then decide whether any further enquiries are needed. This may include a post mortem examination. If no further enquires are required the Coroners Office will issue appropriate paperwork or give permission for the funeral to take place.

Please note that a Death Certificate will not be issued by the local Registrars Office, but will be issued by the authority in the country where the death occurred. Please contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for any issues in relation to a Death Certificate from abroad.

If the death was not natural, it will be referred to the Coroner who will open an inquest to investigate the cause and circumstances of death. In this case the Coroner will issue form E for cremation, or a burial order, if required.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office