Useful tips to reduce your carbon footprint


Did you know that 46 per cent of carbon emissions in Rochdale borough come from transport? There are 10 stretches of road in the borough that have high volumes of traffic and are exceeding European Union (EU) legal limit values for nitrogen dioxide, which is another harmful gas. 

Changing how we travel will significantly reduce the amount of air pollution. 

Walk short journeys

One-third of journeys we take are less than a mile, yet many people still drive their cars. Walking short journeys is a fantastic way to help the environment. It also has other benefits including getting active and seeing more of our borough. 

Get on your bike

Cycling is a fun and affordable way to travel medium distances quickly. On a bike, you can use bus lanes and cycle lanes to zoom past traffic and take more direct routes than in a car. 

Take public transport

Taking the bus or train is a more sustainable mode of transport. Greater Manchester is undertaking a huge reform of the bus network which will make it easier for passengers to change between different modes of transport with a simple and affordable ticketing system. 

Be a savvy driver

Even if you're not ready to leave the car at home you can save money and carbon by being a savvy driver. Try car sharing family, friends and colleagues to cut your emissions and fuel bill, or park your car at a Metrolink Station and use the tram for part of your journey. You'll save fuel and stop polluting the air around you if you turn off your engine when idling for 2 minutes or longer.

Go electric

If you're thinking of buying or leasing a new vehicle, you may consider an electric or hybrid model that's cheaper and cleaner to run. 

Travelling on holiday

Travelling by aeroplane accounts for around 2.5 per cent of global carbon dioxide (CO2).

Emissions from flights stay in the atmosphere and have a strong climate impact, triggering chemical reactions and atmospheric effects that heat the planet.

There are lots of ways to travel and holiday more sustainably. You may want to consider taking a boat or train. Alternatively, you can holiday in the UK.

Think about choosing a sustainable operator that is investing in projects to offset their carbon footprint. 

Watch our Climate Conversations video on travel

In this video, Councillor Tricia Ayrton shares how residents are choosing greener modes of transport, which not only benefit the planet but improve their health and wellbeing too.