Sustainability goals and outcomes

About our sustainability goals and outcomes

Sustainability is about meeting our needs now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. True sustainability can only be achieved if social, economic and environmental factors are balanced.

The council has an important role to play in helping to deliver a more sustainable borough. This is because we're an employer, a provider of local services and a community leader.

We've therefore created some goals to help make the borough of Rochdale more sustainable.

Our goals cover the 3 main areas of sustainability:

  • Social sustainability - meet people’s basic needs and provide opportunities to ensure quality of life
  • Economic sustainability -  grow the economy while using resources efficiently and responsibly
  • Environmental sustainability - conserve natural resources and protect ecosystems for future generations

These goals are built around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations (UN). The UN's goals aim to create a better and more sustainable future for all.