Council spending

​​​Transparency is at the heart of this government. As part of our ongoing commitment to increase openness and transparency, we've published details of spend made to our suppliers.

We aim to get the best value when procuring supplies and services for the council. We also aim to operate fair and open competition by following transparent and auditable procedures in all tendering and contracting activities.

Access spend data

We publish all spend data on in line with the requirements of the Transparency Code 2014.

Access spend data on find open data 

Terms and conditions

The data we publish is free to reuse under the terms and conditions.

Excluded information

Information has been excluded from publication where:

  • The information is exempt from publication under the Data Protection Act.
  • The information relates to the protection of vulnerable adults or children.
  • The information is confidential or would attract an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act. For example, where disclosure could be seen as commercially sensitive. 
  • The spending has been made by our strategic partners - Your Trust and Rochdale Development Agency.

Get involved

This information published will help you to better scrutinise and challenge our council spending and to become more involved in our decision-making processes.

If you would like to request any further information you think the council may hold about the business conducted with these suppliers, you can make a Freedom of Information Request.