Victoria Cross recipients from Rochdale borough

Private Anthony Palmer VC

Private Anthony Palmer VC was born on 10 March 1819 in Brereton Green, Cheshire. He was a Private in the 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards during the Crimean war.

Actions earning Anthony Palmer the Victoria Cross

The following actions earned Anthony Palmer the Victoria Cross.

On 5 November 1854 at the Battle of Inkerman, Crimea, Private Palmer, with 2 other men, were the first to volunteer to go with Brevet Major Sir Charles Russell to dislodge a party of Russians from the Sandbag Battery. The attack succeeded.

During this action, Private Palmer shot down an assailant who was in the act of bayoneting Russell, and so saved his life. He was also one of a small band which, by a desperate charge against overwhelming numbers, saved the Colours of the battalion from capture.

All medals awarded to Anthony Palmer

Anthony Palmer has earned the following medals and honours:

  • Victoria Cross
  • Crimean Medal with 4 clasps designating campaigns of Sevastopol, Inkerman, Balaklava and Alma
  • Turkish Crimea Medal
  • Long Service Medal

His Victoria Cross is displayed at The Guards Regimental Headquarters (Grenadier Guards RHQ), Wellington Barracks, London. His VC was stolen during a bar brawl, a replacement was given on Queen Victoria's instruction, although the original was later recovered.

Private Anthony Palmer was also awarded the Bentinck Medal for gallantry, which was first presented in 1855 by Major-General Sir Henry Bentinck, KCB, formerly of the Coldstream Guards and Commander of the Guards Brigade in the Crimea. He intended to issue the medal in 3 different strikings to selected members of the 3 Guards regiments who had performed outstanding service, at a time when insufficient official awards for gallantry were available.

Later life of Anthony Palmer

After leaving the army in 1863, he rose to become the Head Constable of The Millwall Dock Company.

He died on 12 December 1892 at the age of 73, in Crumpsall Hospital, Manchester. He is buried at Heywood Cemetery.