Personal budgets

Your personal budget is the amount of money we'll pay towards any adult social care and support you need.

We decide the amount of money in your personal budget after a care assessment and a financial assessment to work out:

  • What kind of care and support you need
  • How much it will cost
  • How much you're able to afford yourself

How can I receive my personal budget?

There are 2 ways you can receive your personal budget:

  1. Cash budget: we can pay you directly so you can spend the money on the services you need. This gives you more control and flexibility over the care and support services you choose.
  2. Managed budget: we'll manage your money for you. We'll arrange and pay for the care you need directly. We'll make sure you're happy with the care we arrange for you.

What can I use my personal budget for?

You can use your personal budget to pay for:

  • Services you receive to meet your care and support needs
  • A personal assistant
  • Services or equipment to support you to live at home independently
  • Someone to support you to attend local leisure activities
  • Respite care - to give you and your carers a short break
  • A carer to support you to go on holiday

What can't I use my personal budget for?

You can't use your personal budget to:

  • Employ a family member or someone who lives in the same house as you to give you support
  • Pay for your everyday living costs, for example, your bills
  • Buy anything that breaks the law
  • Buy anything that does not meet your care and support needs
  • Buy food and drink
  • Buy anything for your health needs, including treatment or equipment the NHS would provide.

Can someone else help to manage my personal budget?

If you, a family member or a friend is struggling to manage money to pay for care, you may want to consider a formal financial arrangement.

What if I'm not eligible for a personal budget?

We'll let you know what help is available and how you can get it.

You can request another assessment, or challenge a decision we've made, by getting in touch with us using the contact details on this page.