COVID-19: vaccines

About your vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is only available through the NHS to eligible groups.

The vaccine rollout within the borough is being managed by Rochdale Health Alliance (our local GP Federation) and the Primary Care Networks. The council is supporting the NHS to deliver it to as many people as quickly as possible.

Across the borough of Rochdale there are 3 ways you might be contacted to get your vaccination:

  • Most people will be contacted by their GP practice, which will book them into their local Vaccination Centre; these are run by local GP practices working together.
  • You might be contacted by your local hospital as an outpatient or inpatient.
  • If you're eligible and haven't already been vaccinated, you'll receive a letter from the national booking service. This will invite you to book online or call 119 to book at appointment at a local pharmacy-run vaccination centre in the borough or at a regional vaccination centre (such as Rochdale Infirmary or the National Tennis Centre - Etihad Campus).

Don't forget anyone eligible can also:

What to expect after your vaccine

GOV.UK has information on what to do after your first dose, what to do if you're not well for your next appointment and more.

Vaccine videos