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Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Development Plan

The Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Development Plan includes:

  • Which minerals we are likely to need and how much of them up to 31 December 2027.
  • The locations where mineral extraction may and may not take place.
  • Existing mineral extraction sites to protect from closure.
  • The criteria which planning applications for mineral developments will need to meet.

View the Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Development Plan

We teamed up with the other 9 Greater Manchester authorities to create a joint minerals plan for the whole of Greater Manchester.

The plan was adopted on 26 April 2013 and makes up part of the Core Strategy for our Local Plan.

Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Development Plan

Mineral extraction sites identified in Rochdale borough

The minerals plan identifies some new sites which could potentially be used for the extraction of sand and sandstone in the borough.

It also safeguards a number of our existing mineral search and extraction sites, including our sand, gravel, brick clay, coal and sandstone sites.

Why we need a minerals plan

It's important to have a minerals plan to ensure there are enough minerals sites to meet local demand as well as contribute towards national demand.

A joint plan ensures all authorities in Greater Manchester are consistent in their planning decisions for mineral activities. Creating one joint plan was also more efficient than producing 10 different plans for each authority.


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