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Early Help Assessment (EHA)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the Early Help Assessment process?

Every family is unique, and everyone can experience problems that are difficult to deal with without help. Professionals such as teachers, health visitors or children's centre staff can help you get the right support. They can do this by discussing your problems with you and completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA).

The EHA process is a way of offering support to your family when you need it. Professionals will work together with you and your family to prevent problems from getting worse.

The EHA:

  • Is a voluntary process; you and your family choose to be involved in the process and can withdraw consent at any time.
  • Involves completing an assessment with you and members of your family to find out what your problems are and decide on what help is needed.
  • Is a shared assessment so you won't need to repeat yourself to different professionals.
  • Is an action planning process - you'll agree the next steps and actions with the professionals who are part of the process.
  • Is led by a 'lead professional' who co-ordinates the Early Help support package.

 How your information is recorded

Your assessment will be recorded on an assessment form and will be processed onto a Rochdale Borough Council electronic system called the Early Help Module (EHM), which is totally confidential. You will have paper copies of all documents produced during the process. The system is a secure way of storing and sharing your information, ensuring that only people with consent can see the information recorded on your family.

EHM will store:

  • The assessment form.
  • The Team Around the Family meeting records and support plans.
  • The closure and evaluation forms.

 Closure and evaluation records

When the EHA process ends information about what happened as a result of the support package is stored on the EHM system. At this time you'll be asked about your experience of the process and be told about how to access Early Help support in the future if needed.  Please contact the Early Help Assessment team on 01706 925127 If you need any further information about Early Help Support for you and your family.

Please note:

  • You are in control of what information is shared and you have to consent to your information being shared. For more details see our privacy notice
  • Only trained members of staff will have access to your information on the EHM system using secure log-in accounts.

​​​​​EHA training and tools for professionals

EHA training, Early Help Module and forms​​ for professionals


Contact your local Early Help Team.

Rochdale Early Help Team

01706 925200

Pennine Early Help Team

01706 922600

Heywood Early Help Team

01706 927500

Middleton Early Help Team

0161 662 5100