Deciding on planning application

Once we've received a planning application, we need to decide whether to grant or deny the request.

To do this:

  1. We write to any affected property owners inviting them to comment.
  2. Where relevant, we advertise the application on-site and in the local media.
  3. We visit the site and surroundings to assess the impact of the application.
  4. We assess the proposal against national and local planning policies, taking into account comments received and any relevant documents.
  5. Either a planning officer or a planning committee will decide whether to grant the application or not. If a committee needs to decide, the meeting agendas will be available a week before the meeting. Meetings are open to the public. We notify the applicant, agent and anyone who has commented in writing about a week before to let them know the details of the committee meeting. View council agendas, reports and minutes.
  6. We can grant permission with appropriate conditions or refuse permission. We give reasons for our decision based on relevant planning issues.
  7. We publish the decision on this website and notify the applicant or agent of the decision. Search for the decision using the application number or address.
  8. The applicant has a right to appeal a refusal or any conditions associated with approval. The Planning Inspectorate deals with appeals. More about appealing a decision.

Keep up to date

We publish the applications we receive on this website so you can view and comment on them.

You can also register for updates about an application.