Statement of Community Involvement

​The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a policy that sets out:

  • How you can get involved in local planning decisions and planning applications.
  • Our consultation procedures, such as when we'll have them, how long for and how we'll promote them.
  • Who we'll engage and involve in making planning decisions. For example residents, businesses and organisations.
  • How we'll give you feedback on the results of any consultations.

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Have a say on local planning decisions

To have your say on local planning decisions, you can:

Why we have a statement

We think involving you and other key members of the community is essential for developing useful planning policies and making effective planning decisions.

To do this, we need to find ways of engaging you so you can provide feedback about proposals. Through your feedback, we can better shape developments that affect you as well as minimise or mitigate any negative impacts.

The Statement of Community Involvement allows us to plan how we'll do this and assess how effective we've been in engaging you and other borough residents.