Evidence base for local planning policies

Natural environment evidence

This is the evidence we've collected to date on the environmental needs of the borough.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment aims to identify all the flood risks in Bury, Rochdale and Oldham.

It was completed in May 2011.

View the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment assesses the risk to the borough from flooding. It looks at the impact of land use changes and development in the area will have on flood risk.

Volume I was completed in December 2009 and Volumes II and III were completed in November 2009.

View the Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

Maps of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Due to file sizes, it's not possible to publish the maps on the website.

You can view copies of the maps either:

Open Space Survey

This is an assessment of open space, sport and recreational facilities in the borough.

The survey considers current and future local open space needs, standards and management. It provides an audit of existing open space and recommends local standards for the quantity, accessibility and quality of open space in the borough. It also identifies areas in deficiency and surplus of different types of open space.

  • We're currently completing the Open Space Survey. We aim to publish it by December 2023.

Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy Developments

The Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy Developments in the South Pennines looks at renewable energy sources in Burnley, Bury, Calderdale, Kirklees, Rochdale and Rossendale. 

The study identifies broad areas which may be suitable for wind energy developments. It was completed in January 2014.

View the Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy Developments in the South Pennines

Green Infrastructure Action Plans

The Green Infrastructure Action Plans list all the green areas in the borough from one tree in a town centre to large open moorland.

It lists which of these areas need our protection and how we plan to ensure they remain.

View the Green Infrastructure Action Plans

Flood Risk Management Strategy

The Flood Risk Management Strategy identifies how we'll manage flood risk in the borough and list what our responsibilities will be in the event of a flood.

View the Flood Risk Management Strategy