Free domestic abuse awareness training for businesses

Do you own a business in the borough of Rochdale? If so, you can access our free domestic abuse awareness training and support.

What type of training can I access?

If you're a hair and beauty professional, we offer training specific to your profession through our Cut It Out scheme. 

All other businesses in the borough of Rochdale can access our free domestic abuse awareness training detailed on this page. 

How will the training help?

People in domestic abuse situations are easily targeted at work as the abuser will know where they are.

The training can help you to:

  • Spot the early warning signs of domestic abuse.
  • Know what to do if an employee says they're experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Make you and your employees aware of the local specialist services which can offer support.
  • Develop a domestic abuse policy.

How much does it cost?

The domestic abuse awareness training and support is free.

Where will the training take place?

We can be flexible to meet the needs of your business. We can arrange to visit your workplace or organise for you and your team to come and see us at Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU.

How can I book the training?

If you'd like more information or to book the domestic abuse awareness training, you can get in touch using the details on this page.

What happens after the training?

We'll issue your business with a certificate to show you've completed the training and give you resources for your workplace with helpful contact numbers for those who may need them.

If you would like any further training or support you can get in touch with us.

We'll also keep in touch and let you know if there are any training updates we can offer you.