Values and Behaviours for Rochdale Borough Council

Values and Behaviours for Rochdale Borough Council

What are the values about?

Our values are at the heart of how we approach all of the work we do.

The general aspiration is that through the widespread adoption of these values and behaviours Rochdale Borough Council will provide even more customer focussed services and also be a more satisfying place to work.

As an organisation, we're still facing huge changes and it's at times like these where values are more important than ever and provide a recognised approach to support everyone through these challenges.

The values have now been incorporated into the recruitment process and are found on all job descriptions and person specifications.

Our values and behaviours

These are the values agreed we need to embed into our organisation:

  • Pioneering and Open in our approach - we are ambitious for the people and place of Rochdale and will think creatively about how to deliver the best possible outcomes, working collaboratively with local people and partners.
  • Proud of the difference we make - we'll celebrate and share our achievements and act as ambassadors for the borough of Rochdale.
  • Passionate about the diversity of the borough - we love the diversity within our workforce and local communities and will strive for excellence in meeting their different needs and aspirations.
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