Deferred Payments Policy

Deferred Payments Policy

Our Deferred Payment Policy gives an explanation and guidance on when a deferred payment should be used.

It'll affect those people who need residential care and are unable to pay their assessed contribution because they own property that hasn't yet been sold.

It's not relevant to community-based services.

This policy may be useful for:

  • Residential service users who'd like to be considered for a deferred payment agreement.
  • Carers supporting service users who'd like to be considered for the deferred payment scheme.
  • Staff involved in deferred payment processes, including:
    • Adult care and support services - care managers and support planners.
    • Customer and community services - financial assessment and debt recovery.
    • Legal services. 

A guide to deferred payments

If you're a home owner moving to residential or nursing care, we might help you with the payment of your care home fees. You'll pay this money back to us when your property is sold.

The deferred payment scheme may be right for you if you:

  • Don't want to sell your home immediately.
  • Aren't able to sell your home quickly enough to pay for care.
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Monday, 1 August 2022
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