Highways Asset Management Strategy

Highways Asset Management Strategy

Executive Summary – Implementing Effective Asset Management

1.1 Rochdale Council recognises the importance of the highway infrastructure in the context of the well-being of all who use it. The Council is committed to the good management of the highway asset not only for now, but also for future generations, and recognises that asset management provides the required approach for efficient management of the network to deliver required levels of service.

1.2 Consequently, the Council has been developing and implementing asset management principles over a number of years. A Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) was drafted in 2014, linking together various key documents to provide a consistent and uniform approach to the management of the highway infrastructure.

1.3 Following the development of the draft TAMP, the Council has been focusing on the implementation of an asset management approach. Priority is given to the management of asset information and its effective use, as well as the development of processes that deliver required outcomes, with appropriate tools that support budget and life cycle management planning.

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