Pay Policy Statement

Pay Policy Statement

​The purpose of the Pay Policy Statement is to ensure transparency and accountability with regard to our approach to setting pay.

The Pay Policy Statement identifies:

  • The method by which salaries and severance payments are determined.
  • The detail and level of remuneration of the council's most senior managers, that is the Chief Executive and the Executive Leadership Team, which accords with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011.
  • The committees responsible for ensuring that the Pay Policy Statement is applied consistently, including the Employment and Appointment Committees which have delegated powers in relation to senior manager employment.
  • The detail and level of remuneration for the lowest level of post or employee.
  • The ratio of the pay of the top earner and that of the median earner.

It should be noted that the Pay Policy Statement does not include information relating to the pay of teachers or support staff in schools that are outside the scope of the Localism Act.

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