Cemetery memorials

Our cemeteries and crematoriums provide a peaceful and beautiful place for you to remember your loved ones. For anyone wishing to arrange a tribute for a loved one, we are able to offer a wide selection of memorials, including books of remembrance, memorial plaques and miniature keepsakes. We also have a range of different memorial gardens for those who wish to scatter cremated remains in one of our cemeteries.

You can view the different types of memorials available and how to buy them using the link below.

View cemetery memorials

Installing cemetery memorials

To maintain high standards of safety, only monumental masons who are approved by the council are allowed to fix memorials in our cemeteries. All headstones must be installed by a qualified and accredited fixer to national safety standards.

Please note that in the interests of public safety, any memorial fixed in our cemeteries without the written permission of the council or found to be unsafe may be removed without notice.

Approved memorial masons

This is a list of memorial masons within the borough of Rochdale that meet the legal requirements of the council and are accredited through a national safety standards scheme. Inclusion on this list should not be taken as a recommendation.

Company Telephone
Charles Chadwick
225 Rochdale Road East
Heywood Cemetery Gates
OL10 1RL
01706 633437
Coulthurst Memorials
43 Fairway
OL11 3BU
01706 343876
J. Child and Son Ltd
515 Bury Road
OL11 4DG
01706 645993
Rochdale Memorial Service
503 Bury Road
OL11 4DG
01706 352679

To get the most competitive price for any work you are advised to obtain more than one quotation. For a nationwide list of approved Memorial Masons see the British Register of Approved Memorial Masons or The National Association of Memorial Masons