Needle and syringe removal

Find out about how to report needle problems and how to dispose of needles and syringes you use at home.

Report needle problems on public land

We're responsible for the collection and safe disposal of hypodermic needles (sharps and syringes) and other drugs paraphernalia that have been discarded on local authority land or other areas that are defined as open to the public.

If you see any hypodermic needles (sharps and syringes) please report them to us immediately.

For your own safety please do not attempt to remove them or dispose of them in any bin as it's extremely dangerous and not acceptable. We aim to respond the same day. 

Report needle problems

Needles from self-administered medication

You should have a yellow sharps box for your used needles and syringes if you self-administer medication at home.

To dispose of your yellow sharps box when it's full, seal the box and you can:

  • Contact the service that provided you with the box to see if they can dispose of it.
  • Contact your GP to see if they can dispose of your sharps box.
  • Take the sharps box to one of the following healthcare providers during their opening hours:

If you've any problems disposing of clinical waste from your home, please contact our Environmental Management team using the contact details on this page.