Virtual school for cared for children

About the virtual school

​The virtual school aims to decrease the educational gap between children in care and other children. Our aim is to ensure young people in Rochdale’s care achieve their full potential in education. Many cared for children don't do as well as their classmates at school, many finish school with fewer qualifications and far fewer go on to further education or university.

To help improve their educational chances and outcomes, we treat them as if they were in a virtual school with their own virtual headteacher. This is in addition to attending ​​their own school, nursery or college.

As well as supporting parents and carers, the virtual school also supports teachers, social workers, colleges and nurseries. We can give them ideas and suggestions and ensure that the right questions are asked about how to improve the education of a child in care.

​​​Our annual report

Our annual report includes a summary of our work and findings, statistics about the virtual school and the progress of our cared for children and more.

Please note: references to individual children and schools have been removed from the report.

View the Virtual School for Cared for Children report