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Resources for suppliers

We participate in a shared procurement service with Stockport, Tameside and Trafford Councils called STAR Procurement. 

STAR Procurement's website is a central resource for supporting STAR councils, some of the partners they work with and their suppliers. There's a suppliers resource area on the website which you can freely access.

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What's available in the suppliers' resource area

Key resources available to you in the supplier's area of the STAR website include:

  1. Local Investment - detailing how STAR Procurement is supporting its councils in local investment for low-value contract requirements.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - a range of FAQs dealing with aspects of tendering with STAR councils.
  3. Social value guidance - this is aimed at supporting suppliers to meet the STAR councils' requirements for social value submissions within requests for quotation or invitations to tender.
  4. Top tips for tendering - a range of tips and advice that will assist you when responding to requests for quotations and invitations to tender.
  5. Modern slavery - guidance on obligations imposed on suppliers by the Modern Slavery Act and expectations from STAR councils.
  6. Links to support suppliers - links to external organisations that may be of interest and should help you as a supplier to the public sector.
  7. Glossary of terms - procurement jargon can be confusing at times. This glossary aims to interpret the more complicated jargon into more understandable language.

About STAR Procurement

STAR Procurement supports its 4 councils with a broad range of procurement services for supplies, services or works contracts that are not provided or delivered in-house by the council.

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