Restricted trade zones

Rochdale restricted trade zones

There are some areas of Rochdale borough where you can't trade. These areas are called restricted trade zones.

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 restricts trade in the following areas:

All streets as defined by the Act within an area bounded by and including:

  • St Mary’s Gate, from its junction with Manchester Road to its junction with Whitworth Road.
  • John Street, from Townhead to its junction with Entwisle Road.
  • Molesworth Street, to its junction with Water Street.
  • Water Street, from its junction with John Street to its junction with Drake Street.
  • Drake Street, from its junction with Water Street to its junction with School Lane.
  • School Lane, to its junction with Church Lane.
  • Church Lane, to its junction with Nelson Street.
  • Nelson Street, from its junction with Church Lane.
  • Packer Street.
  • Vicars Gate.
  • The Esplanade, from its junction with Vicars Gate to its junction with Manchester Road.

Please note that the following streets within the restricted zone are now classed as licensed streets to which this consent does not apply.

  • Yorkshire Street, Rochdale and from its junction with the Esplanade and the Butts to its junction with Cheetham Street.
  • Baillie Street and Lord Square, Rochdale.
  • The Paved area bounded by Packer Street are fronting the Town Hall Square at the roundabout with The Esplanade and The Butts.

Other areas for major consideration are the areas surrounding Hollingworth Lake and Sandbrook Park. Please contact us for more advice.