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Removing weeds

When do we remove weeds?

We treat weeds 3 times a year. We can’t treat weeds when it’s wet or windy but we try to follow a set schedule when the weather allows:

  • First application between March and May.
  • Second application between May and July.
  • Third application between July and September.

How do we remove weeds?

We usually treat weeds with herbicides that are safe to use without harming humans, animals or insects.

We carry out spot checks and assessments across the borough to decide what areas need treating.

For the treatment to be effective there must be weeds visible above the ground as our spray treatment works only on contact with the weeds directly. Once treated, the weeds should start to die off within 10-14 days.

Report a problem with weeds

If you've noticed a problem with an area where we remove weeds from, you can report this to us.

Make a complaint, compliment or comment on weeds in the borough

Where do we remove weeds from?

We’re responsible for treating weeds on all council-owned land, which includes:

  • Roads and pavements
  • Kerbs and gullies
  • Public footpaths
  • Parks and public open spaces
  • Cemeteries and memorial gardens

Where don't we remove weeds from?

We don't remove weeds:

  • On land that's privately owned.
  • On properties owned by RBH (Rochdale Boroughwide Housing). You should contact RBH if you live in one of their houses and want to know about getting rid of your weeds. Contact RBH
  • On properties owned by any other housing association or landlord. You should also speak to them directly if you've a question about getting rid of your weeds. View contact details for housing associations in the borough

Why do we remove weeds?

We remove weeds in the borough for the following reasons:

  • Appearance – weeds detract from the overall appearance of an area.
  • Safety – weed growth can interfere with visibility for road users and obscure traffic signs as well as block drains.
  • Physical structure – weed growth can destroy road pavings, force apart kerbs and crack walls.

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