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Find out about getting an allotment in Rochdale borough.

Waiting list for allotments

There is currently a waiting list of between 3-6 years to get a plot and around 800-1,000 people on the list. The length of time people wait depends on how specific they have been about where they want the plot - they don't come free very often.

To overcome this long waiting time, we're splitting larger vacant plots into a number of smaller plots and being more pro-active about dealing with non-cultivation by plot-holders. We're also looking at setting up new allotment sites and hoping this will reduce the waiting time, but can't guarantee this.

Uses for an allotment

We've just over 500 allotment plots across 25 sites that we manage directly. We also have 10 self-managed allotment sites with their own Allotment Society, who manage their own waiting lists. Where permission is required, it's granted on a site by site and plot by plot basis as not all locations are suitable.

On an allotment you can:

  • Grow fruit and vegetables
  • Ask for permission to keep chickens, ducks and pigeons
  • Ask for permission to keep bees
  • Grow a limited amount of cut flowers

The best time to visit your local allotment site is Sunday morning when there is a possibility that plot holders will be around and can help you with any questions.

Apply for a council allotment

Fill in the form to add your name to the waiting list. If your circumstances change while you are waiting, please use the same form to let us know.

Apply for an allotment (opens in a new window)

Join the self-managed allotment site society waiting lists

As well as going on the council allotment waiting list, you may also wish to contact the Self-Managed Allotment Site Society to join their waiting list too. 

Please note: Boarshaw T&R Allotments and Valley Road Allotments are located on Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) land. This means final management of these 2 allotments lies with RBH.

Location NameContact details

Boarshaw T&R Allotments

S Fitton 0161 643 0821
Heywood Road Allotments
Heywood Road, Castleton OL11 3AU

Keally George

Bamford Road Allotments
Bamford Road, Heywood OL10 4TF
Jamie Richardson
Wrigley Brook Allotments
Wolsey Street, Heywood OL10 3AT

Ron Cowgill

Langley Community Leisure Garden
Latrigg Crescent, Langley

Sue Smith

John Lee Fold, Middleton


B Stringer

0161 643 7821

Three Pitts
Whitegates Road, Middleton M24 2GW

Jim Reeves

​Valley Road Allotments
Valley Road, Middleton M24 2ND
Moss Row (MRCAS)
Edenfield Road, Norden OL11 5TS

MRCAS Committee

Moss Row Community Allotment Society website

Bury Road, Mitchell Hey, Rochdale OL11 4EE

Paul Harrison


0300 303 8884

Phone: Monday–Friday 8.30am–5.30pm.
Closed for training Monday 11am–11.30am.

Environmental Management
Green Lane
Heywood OL10 2DY
(Postal address only)

Green Flag Award.

North West In Bloom.