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Audit and Governance Committee

​​​​On this page you'll find the general work of the Audit & Governance Committee and transparency of decision making in the council.

The Code of Conduct for Elected Members

The Localism Act 2011 places a duty on local authorities to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their councillors and co-opted members that is consistent with the Nolan principles of selflessness; integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness; honesty and leadership. The Act requires the council maintains a local Members' Code of Conduct and arrangements to investigate and decide on allegations of breaches of the local code.

The council agreed at the meeting held on 25 July 2012, a new Code of Conduct and Standards monitoring arrangements. The approved Code of Conduct for Elected and Co-Opted Members of Rochdale MBC, can be found in part 5A of the Code of Conduct for councillors.

Independent Persons

The Localism Act 2011 established a requirement for the council to appoint at least one Independent Person to assist the council in dealing with complaints that the Code of Conduct may have been breached. If the council has decided to investigate an allegation that the Code of Conduct has been breached then the views of the Independent Person must be sought, and taken into account, before the council makes its decision on any such allegation.

The council may also seek the views of the Independent Person in relation to allegations where no decision to investigate has been made. In addition any councillor, who has been complained about may seek the views of the Independent Person. The council agreed at the meeting held on 25 July 2012 to appoint 3 Independent Persons.

Complaints and investigations against councillors and co-opted members

Any person can make a complaint that a councillor or co-opted member has breached the Code of Conduct.

Find out how to complaint about a councillor

What the Audit & Governance Committee does

The committee is responsible to the council for promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the council. Functions of the Audit & Governance Committee include promotion of high standards of conduct amongst our local politicians, monitor the effectiveness of the Code of Conduct for Members.

The committee is made up of 7 councillors appointed on a politically balanced basis.

Audit and Governance Committee membership details

We publish details of all our committee meetings. Search the calendar to find the relevant Audit & Governance Committee meeting. 

Council agenda, reports and minutes


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