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Land to rent or buy for garages, gardens and grazing

​​​​​​​​To find out if an area of land is owned by the council or if you're looking for a garage, garden or grazing plot.

Apply to purchase, lease or rent council land

In some circumstances, you may be able to purchase land from us.

This is a discretionary process. We do not have a legal obligation to sell land in this way. Council officers will use their professional judgement and experience to decide whether to sell or lease a plot of land.

Apply to purchase, lease or rent council land (opens in a new window)

Garage plots and fees

Fees for garage plots are charged according to the size of the plot. The land must be used to park private vehicles only.

We offer a garage plot fee reduction for tenants who receive the Disability Living Allowance.

We do not sell garage plots.

Garage plots and fees

​Plot type ​Size of plot (metres) ​Fee
​Hardstand​Any size​£96
​Single plot​2.4 width, 2.4 height, 4.8 length​£192
​1.5 plot​3.6 width, 2.4 height, 4.8 - 6.1 length​£288
​Double plot​4.8 width, 2.4 height, 4.8 - 10 length​£384
​2.5 plot​6.1 width, 2.4 height, 4.8 - 10 length​£480
​Triple plot​7.3 width, 2.4 height, 4.8 - 10 length​£576
​ ​

Garden plots and fees

You can either rent or buy garden plots.

Renting garden plots

Garden plot fees are based on the size of the plot you wish to rent.

Plot size (square metres) Fee
​Up to 25​£48
​Between 26-49​£74
​Between 50-124​£92.50
​Any size over 125​90p per square metre

Buying garden plots 

It costs:

  • £45-£50 per square metre to buy the land to use as a garden.
  • £100-£150 per square metre if you want to use the land for development, such as an extension to your property. You may also need planning permission or building control consent.

You also need to pay £1,140 for our legal and surveyor costs.

Planning permission for garages and gardens

Once an agreement has been signed to rent a garden or garage plot, you must apply for planning consent for the change of use of land.

Grazing and stable land

We offer grazing and stable land to rent. However, grazing land doesn't become available very often. If you're interested, please join our waiting list.

We do not sell grazing land.

Join the waiting list for grazing and stable land (opens in a new window)


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