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Pledge to make your business more eco-friendly

​It's everyone's responsibility to do their bit and we launched this eco-business scheme to help borough businesses become more eco-friendly.

This is one way of the ways we can strive towards our goal to make Rochdale borough carbon-neutral by 2038. Being carbon-neutral means we remove the same amount of carbon dioxide from the environment as we release into it.

Sign the pledge

By signing the pledge, you accept environmental responsibility and commit to becoming an eco-business by working towards all of the relevant criteria.

The pledge criteria lists some ideas for making your business more eco-friendly. You don't need to do everything listed on the pledge criteria, you only need to consider the ideas and try to do the ones you can.

We may carry out checks and change your pledge status if we feel you're not trying to make your business more eco-friendly.

Find out how we use your personal information in our privacy notice.

Make a pledge, email

What you get in return for making a pledge

In return for making a pledge, we:

  • Will publicise your business as part of the eco-business scheme on our website and on social media. Please let us know how you get on so we can promote your eco-friendly achievements on social media. Please note we'll only publish your name and address, and won't publish any further information.
  • Will issue you with a bio-degradable and recyclable sign to let your customers know you're committed to being environmentally responsible
  • May invite you to be involved in media publicity to promote the scheme
  • Will signpost you to help and funding to make your business even more eco-friendly

Grants and support to make your business more eco-friendly

Help and support is available from the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub. This includes business audits and energy efficiency grants from £1,000 to £12,500.

Businesses who have pledged to be more eco-friendly

The scheme is a self-pledging scheme that is open to anyone to opt in and is not an endorsement of their business activities or compliance. We actively ensure any non-compliant business are not on the list or removed if we become aware of anything.

You can view the businesses in Rochdale borough who've pledged to be more eco-friendly in the pdf below.