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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cemetery memorials

Coronavirus (COVID-19): memorial updates

In light of the current situation:

  • The Book of Remembrance rooms at Middleton and Rochdale are both closed until further notice.
  • You're also not able to request an entry into the Book of Remembrance at the moment as our staff don't have the capacity to process them.

We'll continue to monitor the situation closely, carefully and frequently and will update this website if anything changes.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our cemeteries and crematoriums provide a peaceful and beautiful place for you to remember your loved ones. For anyone wishing to arrange a tribute for a loved one, we are able to offer a wide selection of memorials, including books of remembrance, memorial plaques and miniature keepsakes. We also have a range of different memorial gardens for those who wish to scatter cremated remains in one of our cemeteries.

Memorials available in the Rochdale borough

Click on the links below to see more details and download an application form. Please make cheques or postal orders payable to Rochdale Borough Council.

Permanent Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance. Have the name of your loved one handwritten in illuminated medieval script and inscribed in one of our beautifully bound handmade books, displayed in purpose built cabinets.

Your loved one's entry will be marked under their date of death. You can then visit each year on that date to view the book of remembrance.

To further personalise your entry, you may add designs such as small pictures and badges to accompany and embellish the entry. For example, if your loved one was a member of an organisation such as the armed forces or a sporting club, you may include a crest of motif representing the organisation in the book.

We also have a dedicated children's book of remembrance which is on permanent display at Rochdale crematorium, details on application.

How much it costs:

  • 2 line entry: £108.
  • 5 line entry: £145.
  • 8 line entry: £202.

Prices for badges and motifs are available on application.

How to apply:

Please complete the relevant form below and return it to us using the details listed on the form.

Book of Remembrance application form (198kb pdf).

Children's Book of Remembrance application form (145kb pdf)

When to apply:

Your loved one's entry in the Book of Remembrance will be marked under their date of death. To make sure their name is entered at the correct place without delay, please return your application by the dates below.

For your loved one's name to be entered for:

  • January-April: please send us your application form by the following 15 September.
  • May-August: please send us your application form by the following 15 January.
  • September-December: please send us your application form by the following 15 May.

Miniature Book of Remembrance

Miniature Book of RemembrancePurchase a high quality replica of the book of remembrance with your own personal entry to take with you in memory of your loved one.

This is not only a personal keepsake, but a convenient option for those who can't easily attend the crematorium.

How much it costs:

  • 2 line entry £106.
  • 5 line entry £142.
  • 8 line entry: £198.

Prices for badges, photographs and motifs are available on application.

How to apply:

You can apply for a Miniature Book of Remembrance using the 'Book of Remembrance application form' above.

​​​​​​We also have a wide range of memorials, which can be leased typically for a period of 10 or 20 years and are subject to a renewal fee when the lease expires.

It takes approximately 8 weeks to make your plaque after receiving your payment.

Woodland memorial garden plaque, Heywood cemetery

Woodland memorial garden plaqueWe have recently created a beautiful woodland memorial garden and wildflower meadow at Heywood Cemetery to provide a stunning and peaceful setting to remember your loved ones.

A memorial plaque can be placed on the wooden pillars which form the centrepiece of this garden to enable you to remember your loved ones in a natural woodland setting. You may also scatter ashes in the garden near to the memorial plaque.

  • Available at Heywood cemetery.
  • Cost £143.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Woodland memorial garden plaque application (78kb pdf)


Memorial wall plaque, Rochdale cemetery

Memorial wall plaqueHave the name of your loved one inscribed on a wall plaque which can be placed on top of a stone wall in the garden of remembrance. The wall also contains vases for relatives to place flowers.

  • Available at Rochdale cemetery.
  • Cost £143.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Memorial wall plaque application (77kb pdf)


Memorial stone vases, Middleton (Boarshaw) and Rochdale cemeteries

Memorial stone vasesMemorials stone vases which contain an inscription and flower container are available in the garden of remembrance. The vases are fixed at ground level along the path edge, creating an attractive and peaceful area to commemorate your loved one. 

  • Available at Middleton (Boarshaw) and Rochdale cemeteries.
  • Cost £547.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Memorial stone vases application (77kb pdf)


​Rose garden plaque, Rochdale cemetery

Rose garden plaqueYou can place a plaque within one of the rose beds in our gardens of remembrance at Rochdale Cemetery.

  • Available at Rochdale cemetery.
  • Cost £155.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Rose garden plaque application (78kb pdf)





Children's memorial garden plaque, Rochdale cemetery

We have a special memorial garden in Rochdale Cemetery dedicated to the memory of children. Memorial plaques can be placed into the garden and are available on a 10 year lease.

  • Available at Rochdale cemetery.
  • Cost £140.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Children's memorial garden plaque application (128kb pdf)


Bronze memorial plaque, Middleton (Boarshaw) cemetery

Bronze memorial PlaqueYou may place a bronze memorial plaque onto located along the driveway approach to the chapel at Middleton (Boarshaw) cemetery.

  • Available at Middleton (Boarshaw) cemetery.
  • Cost £181.
  • Lease period 10 years.
Bronze memorial Plaque application (131kb pdf)



Memorial niche wall, Rochdale cemetery

Memorial niche wallYou can deposit the remains of your loved one into a special wall at Rochdale Crematorium. The urn containing the cremated remains of your loved one is placed in a chamber and sealed behind an inscribed stone tablet in the wall. Each chamber can fit up to 2 urns and 2 inscriptions.

  • Available at Rochdale cemetery.
  • Costs vary depending on individual requirements, but the approximate cost is £450 to £500.
  • Lease period 20 years.

Memorial niche wall application (79kb pdf)


Memorial standard park benchYou can now bu​y a memorial bench for a loved one which can be placed in Rochdale Memorial Gardens (opposite Rochdale Town Hall) or in any of the many beautiful parks we have in the borough. Your purchase will include the bench, together with a plaque bearing the name of your loved one and any message you wish to have included.

  • Standard benches are available for display in parks across the borough. Larger benches (which are shared with another family) are available at Rochdale Memorial Gardens.
  • Cost £948 for standard bench or a section of a larger bench.

Rochdale memorial gardens bench application (61kb pdf)

Queen's Park memorial bench application (62kb pdf)

Erecting cemetery memorials

To maintain high standards of safety, only monumental masons who are approved by the council are allowed to fix memorials in our cemeteries. All headstones must be installed by a qualified and accredited fixer to national safety standards.

Please note that in the interests of public safety, any memorial fixed in our cemeteries without the written permission of the council or found to be unsafe may be removed without notice.

Approved memorial masons

This is a list of memorial masons within the borough of Rochdale who meet the legal requirements of the council and are accredited through a national safety standards scheme. Inclusion on this list should not be taken as a recommendation.

Company Telephone
Charles Chadwick
225 Rochdale Road East
Heywood Cemetery Gates
OL10 1RL
01706 633437
Coulthurst Memorials
43 Fairway
OL11 3BU
01706 343876
J. Child and Son Ltd
515 Bury Road
OL11 4DG
01706 645993
Rochdale Memorial Service
503 Bury Road
OL11 4DG
01706 352679

To get the most competitive price for any work you are advised to obtain more than 1 quotation. For a nationwide list of approved Memorial Masons see the British Register of Approved Memorial Masons or The National Association of Memorial Masons



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