Pioneering Creativity Strategy

Pioneering Creativity Strategy

Rochdale Borough boasts a rich heritage and growing cultural assets which offer real opportunities to inspire pride and a positive external profile. Its role at the beating heart of the industrial revolution has left behind great architecture, unique museum and art collections and a way of working that went on to inspire the world.

Culture and creativity can contribute positively to areas such as health, place-making and the economy and this strategy, which has been developed following wide consultation, aims to:

  • Create and champion an ambitious cultural narrative for the borough, drawn from its distinctive heritage and people and looking forward to its place within the city region and beyond.
  • Capitalise on culture as an opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of residents across the borough.
  • Ensure culture and creativity is inclusive, relevant and accessible to everyone regardless of age, background or ability.
  • Support the creative participation, exploration and talents of children and young people through a dynamic Local Cultural Education Partnership.
  • Deliver a positive economic impact through resilient and skilled culture and creative industries, venues, organisations, leaders, artists and creatives.
  • Reimagine town centres, grow cultural tourism and leisure and increase the visitor economy.
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