Services available at Sure Start Children's Centres

​​​​Services available

Sure Start children's centres offer a range of support and services including:

  • Early learning and childcare - affordable, quality early learning and childcare for all families.
  • Employment and training - links to training ​and employment opportunities for families with children under 5 years old.
  • Family support - home visits, support for parents, information and guidance on parenting and specialist support for families.
  • Health services - antenatal advice, midwife sessions, dental care, speech therapists, breastfeeding, health and safety and help with healthy lifestyles.
  • Parent involvement - parents can get involved in running the centres and have a say in the kinds of services offered.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau - you can get free advice and information at the following children's centres - Belfield, Deeplish, Derby Street, Howard Street, Langley, Moorhouse, Newbold and Sandbrook.

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